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Looking My Best

May 26th, 2005

Worried @ 11:51 pm

I've lost a lot of weight, but it's because my eating has been rather irregular. I've reached my goal; 125 pounds, and my body looks great, but I don't know why my hunger has suddenly been reduced to so very little. *sigh* Anyways, just an update!

May 17th, 2005


Current Mood: nauseated weak...

What did I fill in for "quote" in this community's application you ask? My very own quote in my application for this community was "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." Apparently though, Ben and Jerry's is way too close of a second. Followed by KFC. And probably some pizza. Then some chicken parmigiana.

It's ok to have a fat day. I do not feel that it is ok to have a fat WEEK. Not for me, anyways.

I was doing so good till that PMS thing kicked my ass.


May 15th, 2005

Wow @ 09:11 am

I have to say that I've done well! I havn't lost weight, per say, but inches instead, as I've toned up my body. I feel that I can be confident in saying that I look damn good! I can wear size 4-5 pants, and my shirts are in small. And for some miraculous reason, my breasts are now a 34C. Woohoo!!! I plan to keep toning up my stomach and back, and to eat even healthier.

Edit: I forgot! I also weigh only 123 now! Am truly happy.

May 14th, 2005

May 11th, 2005

Long Time No Post @ 07:04 pm

So, this summer I am going to be working two jobs.
I want to try to be motivated enough to wake up at 5:30 every morning to go to the gym for about an hour before my first job.
I want to go to the gym at least 4-5x a week.
I plan bringing healthy lunches and dinners to both jobs.
And I hope to also cut out soda.

My goal is to lose between 10-20 lbs this summer.
Which I don't think is too hard right now because I overeat, I eat junk, and I'm kind of sedentary. Between going to the gym for an hour, and working a nice 7-12 hour day, and not eating crap I think it's highly possible.

Any tips?!

May 2nd, 2005

(no subject) @ 02:10 pm

I haven't posted in a while and I thought I'd let you all know whats going on. I went have continued my lifting schedule, and I've put on some muscle mass, but I also keep gaining weight. Its not going good for me on that behalf and my stomach is starting to pop out of some of my fave shirts. I try sit ups and it hardly helps, I feel the muscle under the gut. What to do? I hope everyone is doing better than I am.

April 26th, 2005

veggies? @ 11:46 pm

hey dudes and dudettes!
I have a question for you all:
I've count my calories obsessively, I keep a "weightloss journal" and it has become like a friend to me. It keeps me very motivated!
My question is...when counting calories, do you guys count the calories of veggies? I've heard all the hoopla about "negative calories" and everything, and they just seem so healthy, like the calories shouldn't count or something! I hope that makes sense.

Oh oh oh, and here is what my diet journal pretty much looks like, I know it has helped me out a bunch so it might help some other people too!

JOURNALCollapse )
thanks for listening :o)

April 21st, 2005

(no subject) @ 01:54 pm

i haven't used the eliptical machine much in the past but in the last few days i have been doing 30 minutes. so i need someone to answer a question for me. I'm 5'2 around 115 lbs... how many step per minute should i be doing? i don't want to be running on the thing but i want to get a good workout... oh yea and i find i lean back when i am on it - is that bad or should i try to stay more foward and on top of my legs?


April 19th, 2005

Weekly goals, etc. @ 09:27 pm

I belong to a running community, wherein every week we post our mileage from the previous week, and our goals for the next.  It's pretty practical to make short term goals, as in it's motivating to meet them and to have that sense of accomplishment every week, and additionally, when you don't quite succeed, it's a push for the next week.  Also, it's a bit of a commitment..kind of like how I'd like to fess up for not running at all last week..
I digress..

My point is that I think it would be useful here.  We could take whatever nutritional (etc.,) information we've learned, and make goals to use it in the following week, and post about our successes and less than successes from the previous week whether it be regarding eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, taking our vitamins, you name it. We could choose a day of the week for our 'week' to start, and every week on that day, whoever wanted to could 'check in', so to speak.  It wouldn't really need a specific maintainer, just whoever felt like starting it that day could..unless someone or one of the mods wanted to maintain it.

Yeah, so just an idea I had.  I hope it appeals to some of you.

Yikes! @ 08:40 pm


   Don't think I'm doing that great, suddenly. Haha, here's what I've eaten today!

7 chicken hotdogs(breakfast and dinner) - 602 calories

1 bowl of instant Kraft Dinner - 300 calories

2 oranges - 100 calories???


So that's a grand total of 1002. Not as bad as I thought, but I feel terribly cramped and bloated. My period's about near, could it be that?


Looking My Best