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Looking My Best

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(no subject) @ 08:56 am

ohtheviolence posted in looking_great:


Name/Nickname: K
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Highest Weight: 191 pounds
Lowest Weight: 178 pounds ..... I only started losing weight fast recently ..... I stayed at 185+ for about four months then shot down in the last 2 months
Current Weight: 180 pounds
Goal Weight: I don't have one really ..... probably about 110 at the moment but it depends how I feel about myself when I get there

Have An Eating Disorder? I haven't been diagnosed as having one but I 'fit the criteria', if you like :/
Wish to Recover? Not just yet but eventually
Mind if There Are People Here Who Aren't Ready to Recover? I'd be one of them so of course not
Keep a Food/Exercise Diary? Yes
Belong to a Gym? no ..... I can't afford it
Want to Belong to a Gym? Or Work out On Your Own? I want to ..... I work out alone
Smoke Cigarettes? No
Drink Alcohol? Only on 'special occasions'
Eat Meat? Rarely ..... it's not against my beliefs though.
Have a Scale? Yes ..... it's great, it works out my BMI and body water for me too <3

Are Your Favorite Healthy Foods? Apples. Bananas. Carrots. Etc.
Are Your Favorite NON Healthy Foods? Scones. Biscuits. Cheese. Ice Cream.
Is Your Current Method of Exercise? Sit-Ups and Press-Ups
Are Your Target Areas? Abdomen. Thighs. Arms.
Is Your Current Form of Motivation? Looking good on holiday.
Are Your Favorite Bands? Manic Street Preachers and similar.
Are Your "Triggers"? Myself in the mirror. :(
Are Your Favorite Movies? Save The Last Dance, other 'chick flicks' and cult films.
Are Your Favorite Books? I read almost anything.
Is Your Worst Habit? Binges, paranoia and procrastination.
Are Your Favorite Motivational Songs? MSP - 4st7lbs. + some Tori Amos.
Is Your Favorite Motivational Quote? I don't really have one.

Do You Want To.. (Put Yes or No to Each)

Lose Weight? Yes
Lose Inches? Yes
Tone Up? Yes
Gain Muscle? Not specifically
Increase Endurance? Yes
Learn Healthier Habits? Yes

and finally,

What Are You Wearing? ;) Baggy hoodie, baggy jeans, baggy (who woulda guessed?) shirt


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Looking My Best