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This is a community where no one is discriminated against, regardless of weight or weight loss method. Any diets are welcome, as well as traditional "eating right" and exercise.

This is a SUPPORTIVE community. Friendly competition is permitted, but there will be no judgements passed or disrespectfulness allowed. There will be no unfriendly competition and as soon as such occurs, members will be banned.

This is a community focused around self-betterment and not self-destruction. This community will not judge those who use unhealthy methods; we will respect personal decisions but will not encourage doing so. Your method to lose weight is personal and we recognize that in this community as long as health is the ultimate goal. Both men and women are welcome even though the majority of the member will probably be women (blame it on society).

Although women or men with eating disorders will be welcomed here without judgement, to discuss their days, goals, exercise, or track progress along with everyone else, please keep in mind, that this is NOT a pro-ED community. Please do not come here with the intent of either encouraging eating disorder behavior to non eating disordered members, or looking for tips to further your own (you will not find purging tips here).

Good luck with your pursuits.


Please copy and paste the following application in it's entirety into your first community post and fill it out, to introduce yourself to the group. If there's anything you feel really uncomfortable about answering, feel free to leave it blank or reveal the answer whenever you feel comfortable. Don't worry, the application will not be rated, voted on or judged, as we're accepting of all new members of all shapes and sizes; it's just to serve as an introductory for new members so that we can learn more about you, and it goes to prove that you read the rules on the profile page! :)


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